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Brands Tergum
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Supplier Tergum S.L.
Brands Tergum
Product Code: 166635
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An accurate balancing shampoo formula that will make the most of your hair. Tergum Equilibrio has been formulated with 4 active principles in order to achieve hair and scalp balance of normal to dry hair types. It eliminates dandruff effectively, with an extraordinary balancing effect. With menthol to guarantee scalp cleanness and facilitate the effectiveness of its other active principles like biotine. Zinc pyrithione solves and prevents dandruff, while the urtica dioica extract regulates oil excess. For a better result: 1. Apply on wet hair and rinse immediately with water. 2. Apply again and leave on for 3-5 minutes. 3. Rinse with water


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About Tergum S.L.

Antioxidant power is the most used claim in premium facial care since oxidation is recognized to be responsible for the natural ageing process. But premium cosmetics do not quantify their actual antioxidant content. Tergum is the first lab to quantify the antioxidant capacity of its formulations and to let an independent Biomedical Institute from an University Hospital certify their beneficial properties for human skin.