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Brands La Phyto
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Vegetal oil emulsion - Composed of cereal germ oil and essential oils, the vegetal oil emulsion helps to relieve tiredness and tone the circulation of energy within the body. Recommended every day after the bath and shower. Active ingredients : Cereal germ oil. Concentration of essential oils: 1%.Essential oils of lemon, lavender, marjoram, ylang-ylang, thyme and cypress. Professional Advise Carefully place the emulsion on the body and shape in circular motions until completely absorbed. Is used daily, morning and evening. Apply to dry hair tips.


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About Arsiconsult

We are looking for professional partners in your area to bring the brand to professional beauty institutes, spas, massage and hair salons, clinics .... LA PHYTO was developed more than 40 years ago and has great knowledge in deep and personalized treatments for the body, face, hair and scalp. It has a very good reputation amongst cosmetologists. This aesthetic approach is original and unique as it has its roots in both the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine, and in the western knowledge of aromatherapy (new techniques and treatments). The brand successfully combines both of them. Active ingredients are: plant extracts, essential oils, cereals, trace elements, algae and clays. They can be combined in different ways to create a personal product and treatment. Line of products: • plant concentrates, • serums, • cleansing milk, scrub, emulsions, • colored clays (THEY DO NOT DRY, YOU CAN DO MASSAGE WITH THEM!), • creams, • colored gels, • baths (balneo-therapy), • lotions, • sun products, • hair products, • specific products. For further detailed information about the products, please contact us. We provide cosmetologists with trainings, newsletters, protocols, sketches, videos, etc… We will bring all our best efforts to assist you in developing that market.